Program Profile #3 – Providence College

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Providence College –

Official Website

  •  Esteemed PC Bloggers to follow – The Friar Hockey Blog
  • Twitter sources for PC Hockey- @pcbuzztap
  • The Rink and Facilities : Schneider Arena
  • Famous Hockey Alumni – Chris Terreri, Brian Burke, Lou Lamoriello
  • Famous Alumni (Non- Hockey) –  Peter Farrelly (Movie Director), Richard Daley (Former Chicago Mayor), John Thompson (Legendary Georgetown Basketball Coach)
  • My Biased Opinion  on <Tradition, BF Rank #5> Despite the relative mediocrity of the program, the hockey history at PC is indeed very rich; although ironically, the premier disciples of the Friar organization attained much of their fame because of their success ‘off the ice’. Any program that is responsible for the likes of Brian Burke and Lou Lamoriello must be lauded for their developmnet given the enormous effect these two figures have had on the game of hockey in general. Remarkably, the Friars have never won a hockey east regular season title despite the talent and renowned alumni who have matriculated through the PC system. Despite the scant collection of regular season hardware, the Friars can lay claim to arguably the most dramatic upset in Hockey East Tournament history as they knocked off a talent laden BC squad to win the first ever title back in 1985. Although they have only added one more Hockey East Tournament title to their resume (1996), the Chris Terreri (named Hockey East’s Top Goaltender of all time) highlights from the ’85 title game will forever be emblematic of the early years of Hockey East- This moment alone wins Tradition points for PC.   <Fanbase, BF Rank #10> Because the program has fallen on somber times of late ( a scant 5 winning seasons in the past 18 years), PC’s following has suffered as a result. Even though the basketball program doesn’t hold the acclaim it once did, I feel that PC remains largely a basketball school. Although its been several years since I have attended a game at Schneider, every tid bit of information I read suggests the student section is sparse at best. Given the fact that even in the hay-day of the program, the fanbase was not exactly obsequious; it’s safe to say that the providence Fanbase rank of 10 is well deserved. <The Barn, BF Rank #9> Built in 1973 Schneider Arena can simply be described as average and unassuming on all fronts. From its capacity limits (a shade over 3,000) to its bland look, Schneider has become outdated and to some a detriment to recruiting efforts. One of new coach Nate Leaman’s first projects will be championing the cause for a major overhaul to Schneider. The rink is certainly functional and is an on campus facility that isn’t as agregiously hideous as Merrimack for instance.<The Campus, BF Rank #5> Providence has a decent campus that in some respects emulates the gothic, vintage New England college look that BC has. That said, it does sit in a downtrodden part of the city and many of the off campus apartments and bars are in skectchy hoods (not New Haven, CT bad, but bad). If you simply refrain from leaving the campus and stroll through the 105 acre, undulating, park like campus then PC has a lot to offer and can be quite impressive.
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