The Official Beanpot Forum Frozen Four Bracket – Destination Tampa, FL

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4 Responses to The Official Beanpot Forum Frozen Four Bracket – Destination Tampa, FL

  1. Mike says:

    Only because Miami doesn’t meet a team from Boston; however, if the curse expands to all of MA, they are out in the first round.

    Being an alum though, go RedHawks! I’ll never forget how classy BU fans were when we choked at the end of the title game in DC.

    • beanpotforum says:

      Mike..not sure how familiar you are with Hockey East or Lowell for that matter but I really like Miami in this round 1 matchup. Lowell is a young, exciting team but they are limping into the playoffs and have some key injuries that will hurt their depth. Riley Wetmore is rumored to be in a cast with a broken hand and he is a key element. I know Miami under achieved to start the year but given their plethora of NHL talent and tourney experience, I like them quite a bit. I know that BU loss a few years back must still linger..ouch!!

      • Mike says:

        I saw Wetmore was potentially out, but Lowell is not a team I can claim familiarity with. The big thing that scares me is that we are ‘the easy’ upset pick to make this year, and Miami is not good at being the favorite yet, despite the experience. That said; the talent, the goalkeeping and the heart are all there. They could make a heckuva run…

        I was at that BU game and I was almost a blubbering 32 year old man. Sober too because of the NCAA rules. Well, at least for 10 minutes after the game I was.

      • beanpotforum says:

        Give me a follow on twitter for all Hockey East related insight @beanpot_forum

        THX for your post! Good luck.

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