Program Profile #2 – Boston University

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Boston University –

  Official Website

  • Esteemed BU Bloggers to follow – The Terrier Hockey Blog, The BU Hockey Blog
  • Twitter sources for BU Hockey- @TheBUHockeyBlog
  • The Rink and Facilities : Agganis Arena
  • Famous Hockey Alumni – Mike Eruzione, Tony Amonte, Keith Tkachuk
  • Famous Alumni (Non- Hockey) –  Bill O’Reilly (Fox), Julianne Moore, Paul Fireman (Founder of Reebok)
  • My Biased Opinion  on <Tradition, BF Rank #1> Much like their fellow Green Line rivals from Chestnut Hill, BU has a storied program that has churned out over 60 players who have played in the NHL. The BU program dates back to 1918 and to this day includes 5 NCAA titles, an astounding 29 Beanpots and 14 conference championships (including its ECAC days). The driving force behind much of the Terriers acclaim can be attributed to the stalwart behind the bench, Jack Parker (#2 in NCAA wins). The BF ranks BU as the clear #1 in terms of ‘Tradition’ and its certainly hard to argue this fact as the Terriers have been a perrenial national powerhouse for decades boasting NCAA titles in 3 different decades (last coming in 2009). Quite frankly, how can a blog site aptly named “The Beanpot Forum” not rank the Terriers #1 in terms of tradition when the BU resume reads “29” titles.<Fanbase, BF Rank #1> For a school that has dropped its football program and has a basketball team relegated to the paultry America East Conference, to say Ice Hockey reigns as king is a drastic understatement. Even as a proclaimed BC Eagle fan as a kid, it was evident to me and everyone that the BU fans, “The Dog Pound”, were by far the most boisterous, witty and knowledgeable group in the league. Although I must say the old Walter Brown Arena made the fan base seem a bit edgier and the new, aesthetically perfect Agganis Arena seems to act as a facade that softens the vitriole spewed by the BU student section. That said, the BF still ranks the BU fanbase #1 as I can think of only one arena that truly represents the ultimate college hockey experience and offers a fervent student section reciting chants throughout the whole game, and that is BU. <The Barn, BF Rank #2> I look at the addition of the new Agganis arena as a double edged sword as far as arena appeal is concerned. On one side of the coin, BU’s new facility provides a state of the art rink with all of the new amenities many of the professional variety can offer. On the flip side, like many of the new cookie cutter NHL facilities, the character and intricacies of the old barns are completely lost. For recruiting purposes, comfort and sight levels of the fans, the new Agganis arena is top notch which is why I vote it as the #2 rated barn in hockey east. It truly is one of the finest college rinks in the country, right up there with Notre Dame, Wisconsin and North Dakota’s barns.  <The Campus, BF Rank #8> Its a dubious task to provide a rating for a college campus that simply DOES NOT EXIST. Although I cuurently reside in an urban environment, when I think of the ideal college campus, it does not involve things like : endless pavement, horrendous traffic, virtually no sprawling lawns or greenery- add this to the fact that the school’s ungodly tuition is exceeds 50K for an education that doesn’t mirror any Ivy school or BC for that matter. This is reason alone to chant, “IT SUCK’S TO BU”. 
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2 Responses to Program Profile #2 – Boston University

  1. Steve says:

    You missed a rather obvious famous non-famous BU alum. Hint: He has his own national holiday in January

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